Siri vs. Now

I recently upgraded my iPhone 5 to an Optimus G, which fits better to the profile of a Linux User and after I was never satisfied with the results of Siri (at least in German), the voice recognition of Google Now is in comparison more than convincing.

Migrate RRD Files between Architectures

If you migrate an RRD-based tool like SmokePing, Cacti or ZeroD you may run into the problem, that the target system can no longer use the historic data, if the default number representation changes (big/little endian, 3264 Bit, …).

In all these cases the following procedure should work. It’s important you dump on the original architecture and restore on the target system.

MySQL Query Log

If you need details about whats going on within your MySQL instance, the query log is very useful, even though it’s not recommended for permanent use, due to the performance impact and disk space consumption.