Siri vs. Now

I recently upgraded my iPhone 5 to an Optimus G, which fits better to the profile of a Linux User and after I was never satisfied with the results of Siri (at least in German), the voice recognition of Google Now is in comparison more than convincing.

bestfit is back

I recycled an old script I used several years ago to automatically generate an ISO image from selected subfolders. The idea is, that the content is written to CD/DVD archive as soon as the total capacity passes the media’s limit.

Java 7 for Ubuntu

Ubuntu announced to discontinue packaging of Sun/Oracle’s Java for Ubuntu, because Oracle changed the licensing.

Please be careful with upgrades on these packages, since it may drop your Java installation on the system, not only the browser plug-in.

policyd-weight IN_IPv6_RBL=4.25

Watch out for any IN_IPv6_RBL scores in your policyd-weight logs.

If you see regular hits, you probably have to either upgrade your policyd-weight or disable manually.

Disable PIN on Huawei E1550

I prepared a 3G Router with failover to the 3G WAN via USB Stick in case the main DSL Uplink fails. The router has no option to pass a PIN to the available Huawei E1550, even though the mode is supported in general.