Anonymized IPs in nginx Access Log

If you want to reduce your nginx logs to non-personalized resp. anonymized client addresses, you may apply the following method, running a slightly changed log format after setting a new variable $remote_addr_anon.

policyd-weight IN_IPv6_RBL=4.25

Watch out for any IN_IPv6_RBL scores in your policyd-weight logs.

If you see regular hits, you probably have to either upgrade your policyd-weight or disable manually.

TP-Link 3G Router with Failover

After the PIN constraint was removed from the Huawei stick, the TP-Link 3G Router (TL-MR3420) is working fine in WAN preferred mode. Soon after I disconnected the connection to the DSL uplink, the router began setting up the Huawei E1550 stick.