Enable Time Synchronisation in VMWare Guest

Instead of editing your .vmx file, you can use VMWare Tools to enable/disable synchronisation of the time with the server:


vmware-guestd --cmd "vmx.set_option synctime 0 1" # Enable
vmware-guestd --cmd "vmx.set_option synctime 1 0" # Disable


vmwareservice --cmd "vmx.set_option synctime 0 1" # Enable
vmwareservice --cmd "vmx.set_option synctime 1 0" # Disable
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VMWare Server 2.0 Console Failure

The latest VMWare Server is only supporting Web Access for configuration including console access to a Virtual Machine.
There is a Firefox Plugin for the remote console, but that did not work in my setup. The Web Access will no longer complain about a missing plugin after installation, but the console will not start either.
While searching for a fix, I also found instructions to run the remote console in the command line. Combining this with an environment setting for GTK, I am now able to run a remote console.

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