Tokenized Interface Identifier on Banana Pi

The Raspian and Lubuntu releases at are yet not supporting Tokenized Interface Identifiers.

Raspbian is missing the appropriate ip frontend, Lubuntu’s kernel is too old in this edition (3.4.90) and the ip frontend will understand the syntax (man ip-token), but the system call will fail.

Instead of building a newer kernel, I used ruby to check the local IPv6 addresses, constructing a new address with public prefix and static interface identifier, adding it to the list of addresses, if necessary.


Tokenized Interface Identifier on Banana Pi — 1 Comment

  1. I switched to Bananian on the Banana PI a few days ago, because my experiences with Lubuntu were showing instabilities (Kernel Warnings, Freezes after 5 days).
    I am not sure, if Bananian is ready for 3-digit uptimes, but uptime is already a week, that’s better than before.
    Since I had documented all my changes, it was a matter of 3h to setup the Bananian just like the Lubuntu. UFW was migrated to iptables-persistent.

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